In today’s economic climate, substantiating the value of assets, controlling costs, and complying with regulations has become the norm, and often be a problem. A.R.T. Appraisal Services can provide solutions.
    For the insurance industry, we offer solutions which can limit exposure, mitigate losses, control claims costs and comply with government programs.
    For the warranty industry, our services can help control claims cost, mitigate loss and expedite claims handling.
    For legal professionals, our services have been tailored to assist in expediting settlements, limitation of exposure, and simplified transitions for the client.
    For financial institutions and their many associated professions, we offer solutions designed to assist in limiting risk, maximize return on investment, and simplify procedures.
    For the business sector, we offer many solutions designed to assist in financial, legal, insurance and governmental matters.
    For the private sector, our appraisal solutions offer the individual the ability to obtain proper insurance, comply with government regulation, simplify estate and legal issues.
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