Since 1975, A.R.T. Appraisal Services has been offering quality appraisal services to the general public for the of purpose insuring, financing, legal affairs and government registrations.


It is important that you know the value of your assets in order to properly protect your investments and to protect against potential losses. Our team of experts can inspect, document, valuate your assets and prepare a detailed appraisal report. This report will then allow you to proceed in your desired direction whether that be properly insuring your assets, refinancing or otherwise.

  The most common reasons for requiring an appraisal of asset value are:
    Obtaining Insurance
    Selling / Purchase Transactions
    Business Startup
    Obtaining or Renewing Financing
    Settlement of Estates
  Depending on the requirement, we can include any of the following types of values:
    Fair Market Value
    Liquidation (Orderly or Forced)
    Replacement Cost
    Reproduction Cost
  As well, for the purpose of taxation during motor vehicle title transfers, we are authorized by the Ministry of Finance of Ontario to complete the Motor Vehicle Appraisal Record.

The combination of our many decades of experience as well as our compliance to USPAP and CPPAG ethics, procedures and reports and also insurance procedure compliance makes our firm the perfect choice for all of your appraisal needs.


All the reports completed by A.R.T. Appraisal Services are unbiased and based strictly on highly researched market values of the specified units. All of our appraisals are fully documented, researched, entered into proprietary appraisal software, producing all supportive research and professionally packaged

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