Legal professionals can benefit substantially from the use of asset value assessments performed by A.R.T. Appraisal Services Inc.
  The ADVANTAGES to having a proper valuation of assets are:
    - Expedited Settlements
    - Simplified Transitions
    - Limit Exposure
    - Minimize Loss (due to improper valuation of assets)
  The most common reasons for requiring a valuation of assets results from:
    - Financial Settlements
    - Business Mergers and Acquisitions
    - Business Restructuring
    - Dissolution of Marriage
    - Bankruptcy
  Based on the requirements of the client, A.R.T. Appraisal Services can tailor the report to include any or all of the following types of values:
    - Fair Market Value
    - Liquidation (Orderly or Forced)
    - Replacement Cost
    - Reproduction Cost
    - Market Value In-place
    - Going Concern
  All of our report comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group (CPPAG), and are professionally packaged. Our values are reached using defensible methods.
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