INSURANCE SECTOR - Claims Services (Post-Loss)

  In post-loss situations, insurers and adjusters require expertise to assist in claims handling. A.R.T. Appraisal Services offers extensive claims related services, including:

Detailed Damage Appraisal (Post Loss)


- Determine extent of damages
- Establish cost of repair to return the unit to pre-loss condition
- Determine feasibility of repair vs total loss
  Market Value Assessment


- Determine the fair market value, wholesale value or liquidation value
- Determine the economic feasibility of completing repairs to a damaged unit.
  Subrogation Investigation & Report

- Determine cause for subrogation
- Report on possible extent of subrogation

  Cause Of Loss Analysis


- Determine the possibility for subrogation
- Confirm insurance policy coverage
- Warranty policy compliance
    Types Of Loss (Analyzed for Cause)


- Mechanical Failure
- Hydraulic Failure
- Electrical and Electronic Systems Failure
- Fire Investigation (including cause and origin)
  Fire Inspection


- Determine the cause of the fire loss
- Determine the possibility of criminal activity
- Determine the possibility of subrogation
  Fire Suppression Analysis


- Identification of fire suppression system
- Inspection of status of operation
- Determine adequacy of system for the intended use
  Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Motor Vehicle Branding Program


- Required on all qualifying vehicles deemed a total loss in Ontario
- Requires completion of damage appraisal
- Requires completion of required ministerial forms
  Salvage Disposal Services
    - Contact various salvage bidders (specific to unit type)
    - Obtain salvage bids and report to adjuster
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