In today’s economic climate, the business sector is often called upon to justify the value of their assets. An unbiased, quality appraisal report detailing the value of a business’s assets is rapidly becoming a requirement.
  Business asset and equipment appraisals are used for several purposes, including:
    - Financing
    - Liquidation and/or sale
    - Insurance of business property
    - Partnerships
    - Business mergers & acquisitions
    - Corporate re-structuring
  Depending on the purpose of the report, A.R.T. Appraisal Services can tailor the report to include any of the following types of values:
    - Fair Market Value
    - Liquidation (Orderly or Forced)
    - Replacement Cost
    - Reproduction Cost
    - Market Value In-place
    - Going Concern
  All the reports completed by A.R.T. Appraisal Services are unbiased and based strictly on highly researched market values of the specified units. All of our appraisals are fully documented, researched, entered into proprietary appraisal software, producing all supportive research and professionally packaged.
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